Is Osho Zen Tarot different than the traditional Tarot?

Is Osho Zen Tarot different than the traditional Tarot?


I come across this question every time someone wants to know, learn or get a Tarot reading done. Yes, Osho Zen Tarot is different than the traditional tarot. It takes you on a journey beyond the yes and no questions, beyond what is really going to happen in your future. It takes you towards your soul development, guiding you about the situations on how do you need to deal with them. It is a tool to access your own inner voice. Our soul keeps sending messages in the form of inner voice. But there are times when we are confused and don’t really know what to listen and what to follow. This is the time where Osho Zen Tarot helps you understand the purpose of the current situation and help you move towards your learning at the soul level.

Osho Zen Tarot isn’t just useful for doing readings for other people. I feel it is indeed a wonderful tool for self awareness as well. The mere touch of the cards is indeed relaxing and provides a deeper insight. The images on the cards are indeed a visual treat and filled with a lot of messages. I suggest learning Osho Zen Tarot not just for readings but also for meditating on these cards and understand the messages they hold for you.

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