About Me

Anchal Anurag Jyoti

Osho Zen Tarot Card Reader, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Theta Healing

A Libran who believes in balance, Anchal Anurag Jyoti is an intuitive who is on a life-time journey of Divinity. She started balancing her spiritual world within her at the tender age of 7. Being trained in various modalities like Hypno – therapy, Theta Healing, Tarot card, Angel Therapy she is a person believing in her own Divinity. Determined to work in spirituality, she has worked selflessly to help individuals from all walks of life identify their own Spiritual Quotient. She believes everything can be manifested in life living on the Love vibration.

In her own words about Osho Zen Tarot, “I dreamt of being able to talk to my cards while I was doing a reading or teaching how to read them. Walking in a bookstore one day, I came across this wonderful deck of cards. I instantly felt connected to them. And moreover, I am a big Osho fan for his take on various aspects of life. I love his attitude of freeing yourself and living life completely. Reaching home, I opened the deck and from that day on these cards have become my life.”

She says Osho Zen Tarot elevates you to a new level of understanding the various facets of Tarot reading. These cards give you not only the answers to your questions, but are a complete guide on your Soul journey. She invites one and all to experience the magic in these cards. Osho Zen Tarot is indeed very helpful on a day-to-day basis to clear a lot of your limitations you’ve built around you.